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My path was chosen a long time ago, long before I was born into this life.  My purpose was to see in myself the way to make my dreams a reality, to learn to believe in myself and have faith in the Universe to guide me, and to go forth and help others on their journey.  It was never easy, and continues to be a challenge, but with careful determination we succeed, we become not what we want to be, but what we are meant to be, letting go of the fear and control and embracing the unique parts we all are meant to play.  It is a true gift to be able to share with the world, and a blessing to be chosen to share it, learning as I go from those I'm sent to teach.  The time to own your life is NOW.  You owe it to yourself as much as I do, and you'll wonder why you never did it before when you find out just how easy it really is!  Go forth and BE AWESOME!!!!

Thirteen Card Yearly Spread (Seasonal only)

One of my favorite spreads, offered only from September 1 - December 31.  This spread places thirteen cards, one for every month of the upcoming year and one general card that ties the year together.  This is a great spread if you just want to take a glimpse into the upcoming year, or to make it easier to prepare for circumstances to come.  But remember, it's SEASONAL ONLY, so grab this guy before it goes away for another year!  ***Available via email ONLY***



Ten Card Celtic Cross

This is a basic generalized spread used for any question you may have.  Best used when you don't have a specific question, more so used as a tool to check if you are on the right path.  This spread takes about 30 minutes for a quick reading, a more in depth reading takes about an hour.  The half hour reading is basically a reading with the cards with some Guide connection.  An hour long reading is the half hour card reading, with an extra half hour of just Guide Connection.  Available via Skype or phone. 

 $80.00 for an hour session.

Mediumship Connection - No Cards

The same concept as the Tarot Readings, only no cards!  For a half hour or an hour I will sit down with you and do a Direct Connection with your spirit guides, connecting with them to help you understand your own path.  I recommend everyone try this at least once.  The time to connect with your life's purpose is NOW!!!  Specializing in Personal and Spiritual Development, as well as all aspects of life.  Choose this option for Personal Mentorship Sessions, Personal One on One Reading sessions, or if you just need to get through NOW.  On call services are available depending on the circumstances of the situation.  Available via Skype, Phone, or the chat rooms.

$50.00 for a half hour session $80.00 for an hour session.


Astrological Charts and Chart Readings

Personal Astrological charts done for yourself or a loved one.  You will need the following information in order to build your chart:  Your complete date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth.  An Astrological chart shows the position of the planets at the exact time of birth.  What you get from this experience is life changing!  Understand why you face certain challenges throughout your life, where certain patterns come from, some of the kharmic lessons you came here to learn! 

A Birth Chart Progression shows you where the planets are now in your chart, giving you a look at where you are now from where you've come from.  Taking a look at the progression of your chart helps you identify what you need to be working on now, can help you make decisions about what you're doing next, and can explain and help identify ways to get through current challenges while using your strengths in the correct way.

If you are on the road to Personal Development a Birth Chart and/or Birth Chart Progression is the perfect place to start your journey.  Order an hour to an hour and a half long One on One Reading about your chart, or the written interpretation of the chart itself!  The written chart interpretation is the most thorough interpretation of the chart. Sessions can be done over the phone, via Skype, or in the chat rooms.

Single Chart one on one Reading or chart Progression.  One to Two hour session, no written interpretation:   $120

Single Chart and written Chart Interpretation.  Half hour one on one session included:   $200 

***Multiple Chart Discount** If you wish to purchase multiple written Chart Interpretations, it's $200 for the first chart, and $150 for each subsequent chart.  Charts are written and sent to you in a folder, allowing room for more charts to be added later if you choose.  Payment plans for written Birth Charts are available, just ask!

Payment is due at reading session.  You may pay for your reading via paypal either at or right before our session, or you can pay by money order/Visa cash card.  If you wish to send the money, please indicate that in your email aswell and allow for at least three days of travel time before your appointment to ensure it arrives on time.  Payments will not be cashed until session is complete.


All readings done via Skype, telephone, or via my private chat room on You can fill out the Contact Us page to book a session, email me at,  like me on Facebook, or join our facebook group


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