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Basic Reading

A Basic Reading will consist of a connection with your Guides.  Types of Readings include Past Life Readings, Personal Readings, etc.  This is a very thorough Reading that generally covers a little bit of everything, and may include the use of Oracle cards aswell.  All information is coming directly from your Spirit Guides, allowing you the chance to see your path ahead a little clearer.  Generally, those that do a session with Wingstosoar, often leave her with few questions left unanswered.

One Hour Session:  $80  /  Half Hour Session: $45

Inner Child Release Therapy

These Readings are targeted to help release the roots of issues developed in childhood, and help to heal the inner child.  This is an excellent therapy, very intense, but the outcome can be remarkable.  Not only does she help you to identify the root of some of our negative feelings, but she shows us the way to release them in a positive way.  Sessions done correctly will result in a much stronger, and happier you in the end.  Because of the intesity of these sessions, multiple sessions may be required.

One Hour Session:  $80 

Spiritual  Mentorship

Personalized One on One Personal and Spiritual Development Sessions available.  Amount of individual sessions to be determined during first session.  These sessions are geared to your personal Spiritual Walk, and help you learn how to unlock and use your personal gifts.   

One Hour Session:  $80  / Half Hour Session:  $45

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