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Your Development Journey Begins...

Everyone is born gifted, but not everyone is born ready to use their gifts, or even with the knowledge of how to use them.  We offer individual and group classes via Skype in many different areas of Development to help you understand yourself as well as your own gifts and abilities.  We teach through Spirit as we were taught by Spirit, and help our clients understand and work with their own Guides through Personal and Spiritual Development.  We believe everyone learns in their own way, and strive to take the "complications" out of Development by focusing on all forms of Development, including oneself.  Upon completion of all classes, each student will receive an Award of Completion for that particular class.



The following classes are offered by Melissa Bruce (Faerymother).  Contact via email at for class details or to sign up for classes.  Group classes run at different times.  Make sure you make contact before booking classes.

Personal Development Levels One through Three:

For many, the first step to understanding our Spiritual Gifts is an understanding of ourselves.  Level One PD is four weeks long, and covers the basic concepts of Emotional Pattern Development to help identify how to make positive changes and eliminate negative patterns.  Level Two PD is five weeks long, and covers the basics of Emotional Root Patterns, and learn techniques to help you eliminate emotional roots for good.  Level Three PD is six weeks long, and goes deeper into self care, covering all aspects of the mind, body and Spirit.  This class helps you to eliminate negative patterns that get in the way of Development in other areas of life.

Mediumship Development Levels One and Two:

Learn how to communicate with your own Guides through Mediumship!  Level One MD is four weeks long and introduces us to GBC techniques and protection exercises, how we already communicate, and how we can communicate back to them.  Level Two MD is five weeks long, and goes in depth into the various different types of Mediumship and connecting with Guides through others, and how the other gifts are used with Mediumship.

Astrology Development Levels One through Four:

Learn how to use Astrology as a tool to compliment all of your gifts, as well as a Personal Development tool for yourself!  All classes are taught using your own chart as a reference, so you can learn a little about yourself at the same time!!!  Level One Astrology is four weeks long and is the very basics, as we create our Guide for future learning on our own charts, learning the basics of each sign, planet, and House.  Level Two Astrology is a five week class and goes into how the planets work together and aspect each other, other aspects of the chart not covered in level one, and all other symbolism on the chart.  Level Three Astrology is six weeks long, and begins the process of doing readings and understanding other's through the Birth Chart process.

All Classes are $20 US dollars a session for group classes, making a four week class $80 total.  You can either pay up front or pay per week.  There are no refunds.  If you can't make a class it is up to you to schedule a make-up session.  No refunds available if class is not completed, so please make sure you can commit to the entire class before making payment. 

**Are you low income???  We want EVERYONE to have the chance to learn!!!  Ask how we can help with payment plans!!!!


WingstoSoar's Classes



The following classes are run by Sherri Gamble, also known as Wingstosoar.  Contact Sherri via email at  Group classes run at different times, check with Sherri before signing up for class.  Private classes and mentorship also available.  Sherri has over twenty years of experience as a Teacher and Personal Mentor.

Psychic/Empathy Development Levels One and Two:

Empathy is the ability to tune into others voluntarily or involuntarily, using one's own Empath skills.  Level One Empathy is 4 weeks and is about understanding themselves as an Empath.  Level Two Empathy teaches the deeper aspects of self, Empath rules, and a deeper understanding on a Spiritual level and on a psychic level. All private classes are one hour. 

Spiritual Integrity Levels One and Two:

Spiritual Integrity is all about our own internal walk.  Level One Spiritual Integrity is four weeks long and is all about ourselves on an internal level.  Level Two Spiritual Integrity is five weeks long and is all about the external aspects of ourselves. All private classes are one hour.

Psychic Development Levels One

This class covers the basic elements of your psychic abilities.  Psychic Development Level One is five weeks and it teaches what it means to be a psychic, and how that works for the individual.  All private classes are one hour.


Demici's Classes

 The following classes are run by Rosemary Sladden, also known as Demici.  Contact Rosemary via email at  Group classes run at different times, check with Demici before signing up for class.  Private classes and mentorship also available.  Demici has over twenty years of experience as a Teacher, Healer, Medium, and Personal Mentor.  All classes are done on Skype.  See payment information below list of classes.

Using Energy for Healthy Living

This class has three separate levels, each level of the class is four weeks long, with practice time in between each level.  Each level of the course helps you to understand through discussion, practice, and meditation.

Level One: Basic knowledge of what energy is ad how we can harness it for ourselves.

Level Two:  Intermediate knowledge; Using energy to attract both the good and the bad to yourself.

Level Three:  Advanced Knowledge:  Using Energy to support and help others.



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